From your Website I know cash and securities are covered. If I invest in open-end mutual funds, are these investments also qualified for protection when the broker has financial difficulties?

I’m in the midst of construction my portfolio and am close to transferring money to a US brokerage until I read somewhere on the Net that non-US companies are not protected – it’s alluded that non-US individuals aren’t protected as well.

I tried looking for this specific exclusion on SIPC’s website but couldn’t find it. In fact, in this page, it didn’t say anything about foreign investors:

4. Who is not eligible for SIPC protections?

Most customers with cash and securities missing from customer accounts are eligible for SIPC assistance. However, SIPC’s funds may not be used to pay claims of any failed brokerage firm customer who also is:

– A general partner, officer, or director of the firm.
– The beneficial owner of five percent or more of any class of equity security of the firm (other than certain nonconvertible preferred stocks).
– A limited partner with a participation of five percent or more in the net assets or net profits of the firm.
– Someone with the power to exercise a controlling influence over the management or policies of the firm.
– A broker or dealer or bank acting for itself rather than for its own customer or customers.

Does that mean that non-US investors are protected? Does anyone know for sure?

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Money market funds and mutual funds are considered securities for purposes of the Securities Investor Protection Act and are subject to the $500,000 limit. In a liquidation proceeding under the Securities Investor Protection Act, SIPC will return the appropriate number of shares to you. It is important to note that SIPC does not assure you that the shares will not lose value, and SIPC does not protect you against market losses in the value of your shares.

There is no requirement that a customer having an account with a member broker-dealer of SIPC reside in or be a citizen of the United States. As long as you are dealing with a broker-dealer that is a member of SIPC your account is covered exactly like the account of a resident or citizen of the United States. In a liquidation proceeding under the Securities Investor Protection Act, SIPC may advance up to $500,000 per customer account (including a $250,000 limit on cash in the account).